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Class Action

Many class actions begin with one client coming to speak to one lawyer about a seemingly isolated event. Upon further investigation, however, it is determined that the client is but one of many victimized by a system-wide scheme employed by an unscrupulous company. In that situation, a class action is an appropriate vehicle to bring justice to the client and others similarly situated.

At Morice Law Firm, we handle many different types of class actions and other complex litigation on behalf of consumers and others injured by the negligence and fraud of others. For example, we have filed suit on behalf of insureds who have been short-changed by their insurance companies, customers who have been victimized by fraudulent accounting practices, and consumers who have not received the benefits of their bargain.

If you or a loved one has fallen prey to a fraudulent, system-wide scheme, been injured by an environmental catastrophe, or been victimized by a pharmaceutical company, consider allowing us to work with you to bring justice to you and all others injured by the same conduct.

If you have been victimized by an unscrupulous company, consider the possibility that you or a loved one could be one of many and a class action may be an appropriate means to obtain redress. We would be happy to provide our expertise in investigating and litigating the claim.