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Tissue Litigation

tissue recall, biomedical tissue services, tissue bone skin tendon recall, product liability The FDA has announced an investigation of Biomedical Tissues Services, Ltd (BTS), a supplier of tissue, bones, skin and tendons for use in medical procedures. The donors of these materials may not have been properly screened for infectious diseases by BTS. Those donated parts were subsequently purchased and distributed by third parties and implanted in unsuspecting patients. Those third parties may not have followed proper procedures in the cleansing of body parts received from BTS or confirming the histories of the donors of those parts. The FDA has expressed its concern that the recipients of this tissue may be at increased risk for infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis. Patients are now being notified by their physicians (who, likewise, were previously in the dark about this problem) that they were recipients of this improperly screened tissue. The bone and tissue were implanted from early 2004 until September 2005.

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