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Apex, North Carolina Explosion

apex north carolina hazardous explosion october 2006, personal injury, chemical exposure, product liability In the late evening of October 5, 2006, a fire broke out at a hazardous materials storage facility, EQ Industrial Services, Inc., in Apex, North Carolina. EQ handles a wide array of industrial waste from paints to solvents and house chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sulfur, and fertilizer. the fire sent a cloud of dangerous chlorine gas into the air surrounding the plant and the fire continued to burn into the next day. Because of the danger to the community, officials ordered the mandatory evacuation of approximately 17,000 Apex residents. Officials said 44 people went to emergency rooms, most complaining of breathing problems. In March, the state fined EQ $32,000 for six violations at the plant, including failing to take steps to "minimize the possibility of a sudden or non-sudden release of hazardous waste . . . which could threaten human health or the environment."

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