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At the Morice Law Firm, we understand how bad behavior, negligence, ill-will, and consumer fraud can shatter lives. We follow a rule of no nonsense litigation. We represent injury victims and consumers in a diverse range of cases. An old fashion work ethic combined with modern innovation, cutting edge technology, and strategic planning makes the Morice Law Firm stand out above the rest. Our legal expertise and personal approach have earned us a solid reputation. We enthusiastically put this reputation to work in every case and for every client we represent. While we always consider creative solutions for legal problems, whenever litigation is required our trial results confirm our tireless advocacy.

Law is an integral part of any civilized society. As lawyers, we are proud of what we do. The Morice Law Firm will make the litigation playing field a battlefield where you have the advantages of modern warfare. We will first assess the battle, and if it can be won, we will fight with you to achieve the most rewarding end possible. Do not think that fighting a legal battle is unlike war… A difficult case may make you think that you are fighting for your life! And, in some of our cases, we are.

We take pride in our record of helping our clients win their cases. While we always give each case 100% effort, we never confuse activity with productivity. Results and client satisfaction are how we measure success. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your legal needs and we thank you again for visiting our site.

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