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Communication With Your Lawyer

Lack of communication is an over-worked phrase, but it is often the only problem between a lawyer and a client. It is frustrating for a client to try to call the lawyer and then not hear from the lawyer right away. It is also frustrating for a lawyer to be hard at work on a case and be called by a client who believes that nothing is being done.The nature of the work sometimes requires your lawyer to be out of the office, in court, or out of town. We return all calls as soon as possible. Here are some suggestions that may help:

  1. Take advantage of our staff. Our paralegals and investigators are highly skilled and carefully chosen. They must have access to our files to do the job and have the same confidential relationship with you that we do. While they cannot give legal advice, they can answer many questions about what is going on in your case. For example, the paralegals and investigators may inform you about when depositions are scheduled, how a court ruled on a particular matter, and whether we have heard from a particular person.

  2. Leave a message. If the paralegal or investigator cannot help you, outline the question or problem to them. Leaving a message makes it possible for us to help you while we are out of the office. It will help prevent the client and the lawyer from playing "phone tag," which can be very frustrating and sometimes slower than the mail.

  3. If you have something you feel is highly confidential, we suggest putting it in a letter marked confidential on the outside and sending it to us or scheduling a meeting with your lawyer.

  4. Always make an appointment or call before coming to our office. Please do not drop by unexpectedly. Even if we are in the office, due to appointments and busy schedules, it may be impossible to give your matter the attention it deserves because of lack of preparation or time.

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