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Social Security

social security, disability benefits, government benefits, personal injury, birth defects, disabled, auto accident, car accident, work injury, trucking accident, product liability The Social Security Administration administers and regulates both the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the Supplement Security Insurance (SSI) programs for the benefit of individuals with serious and debilitating injuries or illnesses which render them either totally disabled or prevent them from performing substantial gainful work of any kind. To be considered totally disabled one must expect the disability to last at least one (1) full year. The Social Security Administration considers both physical and mental conditions or a combination of a number of other such conditions when determining disability.

If you believe you are entitled to social security benefits, or have questions about your social security disability claim, or have been faced with a denial of a claim, then you need to contact our office and speak with an experienced attorney who knows and understands all aspects of Social Security Disability laws.