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Train Accidents

train accident, wrongful death, personal injury, auto accident, car accident, trucking accident, chemical exposure, chemical hazard, hazardous material spill, product liability The attorneys of Morice Law Firm have been helping injured people that have been affected by train derailments or accidents for decades.

Train accidents and derailments can affect individuals' lives drastically. Derailments, if carrying toxic substances can be quite inconvenient. It can cause an area to be evacuated for hours, days even weeks, depending on the situation. It affects individuals and businesses in the immediate area and extends for a certain radius. Persons traveling by vehicle can also be influenced by the toxic substances of a train derailment.

If you, your family or loved one has been affected or injured by a train accident or derailment, please call the attorneys of Morice Law Firm at (504)-366-1641 or contact us online to see what your legal options are.