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paraplegia, spinal injury, paralyzed, personal injury, product liability Paraplegia is a condition that causes a person to lose the willful control of the lower extremities.  Paraplegia is generally caused by a spinal cord injury to the mid or lower back.

Outside of pathological or congenital conditions, paraplegia is most commonly caused by a fall, or a trauma to the back resulting from, among other causes, automobile accidents, industrial accidents, offshore injuries, and other traumatic accidents resulting in damage to spinal column in the mid or lower back.

Our firm understands that the immediate goals for a person suffering from paraplegia are to get medical bills paid, make sure you or your loved one do not suffer financially, and to make sure the appropriate insurance company pays for future treatment. Our experienced attorneys at Morice Law Firm will be happy to discuss your situation and go over the options available to you. Call or email Morice Law Firm to discuss your options.