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Common Questions

Will my teenager be covered when he goes to college out of state?
If your teenager is not taking permanent residence in that state, most insurance companies will not require you to make changes to your current policy.

Is there another way to shop around for auto insurance other than calling every company in the phone book?
You can start by getting your free copy of the "Auto Rate Comparison Guide," published by the Department of Insurance. It compares auto rates among the state's top insurers. However, you may find that a company that can provide the coverage you need may not be listed.

If I let my friend drive my car and he has an accident, will he be covered?
As long as the friend has the owner's permission to drive the car, he will be covered under the owner's policy. The only exception would be a person that is excluded from coverage under that policy.

All information courtesy of: Louisiana Department of Insurance's Publication - Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance